Boatyard Dog

Clark January 17th, 2010

This is Lola. Here I am forty, and this is my first dog. There was a time in the not too distant past when I might have said disparaging things about pet dogs like, “They’re just hanging around for the free food. Stop feeding them and see how long they’re man’s best friend.”

I have been attacked by dogs twice. The first time, when I was too young to remember, I needed two stitches in my face for a bite from a family friend’s golden retriever named Happy. The other time, about ten years ago, I needed 35 stitches in my hands and wrists from an encounter with a Costa Rican guard dog named Blackie. So I’ve never been what you’d call a dog person. My family always had cats. I never disliked dogs; I was just a dog realist. Well, Lola changed all that. Actually Alison changed all that, but Lola is the result.

We adopted her from Baja California a few weeks ago, and so far, so good: No pooping on the floor, no barking to piss off the neighbors, just dog fun and companionship…the whole dog experience. I see why people who have dogs live longer. Dogs get you out of the house to walk twice a day, and there is always someone who’s happy to see you when you get home.

But there are a few things I didn’t know about owning a dog. A dog gives anyone, anyone, an excuse to talk to you. No introductions, no talk about the weather, just straight into midstream dogspeak right from the get-go. It’s worse than owning a boat. There is an entire world of dogs, dog owners, dog walkers, and dog parks, which I’ve been completely oblivious to my entire life, and now I’m part of it.

Dogs can’t climb ladders, or at least Lola can’t. I guess I sort of knew that, but it’s really come to a head when I’ve taken her along to work in boatyards.

When it looks like they’re fighting, they’re really just playing. As long as the tails are wagging, it’s all OK. I thought Lola was attacking neighborhood dogs and I regularly yanked her off her feet by her leash, but it’s just spirited play, with lots of teeth.

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Comment by Madrone Jack
2010-01-18 17:17:17

Wow, on this rainy Monday after our movie making lunch adventure, I read your blog. It was like an exciting novel that I could not put down, a mini series that you watch all in one sitting. What a wild adventure, I can only imagine the physical challenges you went through. Great writing. Thank you, and great to of met you. Cheers Madrone

Comment by Clark
2010-01-18 18:34:14

Thanks, Madrone! Great fun on Saturday and we’ll see how it all turns out. Will keep you posted. Cheers, Clark

Comment by Fjorder
2010-01-28 08:33:07

Hey Clark-

wait till you have to haul an exhausted dog from the water to the deck after swimming around for a while!

Comment by Neil Greer
2010-02-22 00:10:21

Clark- this is a blast from the past my friend but your old ATMnet client, Neil Greer, is getting in touch. Your old college genius employee, Marcus Alday, and I have been working on different web software projects for over 12 years.

Marcus sent me your Condesa link a couple of days ago. I have a 50′ boat out of the San Diego Yacht Club and am on the ocean + 18 weeks a year – especially in Mexico and trip around the horn to the Sea of Cortez. Since we last spoke I met and married (bam!) a sailor girl named Lisa and we now have 3 kids (Robbie, 7, Megan 5, Amanda 2) who we take boating all the time. I am working as CEO of Impact Engine, Inc. ( Marcus works with us as well.

Anyway, let us know the next time you are in port in SD. Marcus and I would love to buy you a Mai Tai at Bali Hai.


Neil Greer
Mobile: 858-663-1559

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