On The Cruising Life

Clark March 17th, 2007

Why go cruising?

Why go by yacht instead of by plane?

There are practical reasons, but the real reason for traveling by sail is that it is romantic. There is no better way to make an arrival in a new place. The classic landfalls and capes of the world—Sydney, Rio, Gibraltar, Capetown, The Horn, the Marquesas—have no counterparts in the world of air travel. When someone says they’re going to sail around the world, it conjures a romantic image for just about everyone. If this same person said they were going to drive around the country in a 40-foot motorhome the effect would be markedly different. 

Voyaging means entering the tradition of Conrad, Melville, Captain Cook, Joshua Slocum, Captain Bligh, Columbus, Magellan, Drake, and da Gama. Ulysses, while we’re at it. The history of Western man is a series of sea adventures, and by going voyaging we are standing on the shoulders of giants and making our own small contributions. When we are out there listening to the hiss of bow wave and looking up at the stars, we are sharing the same sensations of our seagoing forebears.

Perhaps this romantic image belongs only to the descendents of the great seafaring nations of Europe, the New World, and the antipodes. Perhaps for people of other nations going to sea just means fish.

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Comment by Gene Schenk
2007-03-21 11:51:05

Hi Clark,
It did me very much good to see Condesa, nee Destiny, looking so good. After a quick perusal, I started concentrating on everything to spot changes you have made. Not many to the basic boat. I would have done some that you have, but most of the time I was living on $600 a month, which didn’t allow for much in addition, besides limiting professional care.
I feel very happy, and my daughter Lisa does too, for having had you come along and continue the great boat’s voyaging.
My health has deteriorated so much that I can hardly be an armchair sailor now, but I do try.
I have other questions and comments about myself, but this is not the proper vehicle for them at this time.
Thanks for reactivating your website. Gene

Comment by Chuck Schenk
2007-03-21 17:13:18

Hello Clark,

You don’t know me but I think you’ll know what I had contributed to your boat. I’m the brother of the fellow who sold you your boat. He’s the previous replier on this page.

Back to my contribution…
I’m the guy who painted a collage of your boat against a chart of the Virgin Islands which hangs (or used to anyway) in your salon. It was a gift to Gene back when I was in art school. It would really be great of you if you could take a nice digital photo of it and email it to me. I’d print it out and send it to Gene so it can help him relive some memories.

Making memories are what boating is all about.

Sail on, Chuck Schenk

Comment by Ken Schenk
2007-03-21 18:56:36

Greetings from brother # 3. I’m one of us four brothers, and one of the two still based in Illinois. I can remember back in the early 80’s, bunking out in the center cabin of Destiny for a few nights when we visited Gene. That was a great time for us. We should have arranged that he would have cast off then, and sailed to the far corners of the world with us. If we only were younger and had money. Gene would be the captain, Don and I would be the officers, and Chuck would do paintings that we could sell in the ports to provision up with. Instead of that happening, I am now the one that flies to the Islands and instead of floating on the sea, I dive beneath the waves and enjoy the beauty that lies there. Don, brother # 2 drives his motor home to wherever the roads lead to.
He is not computered up, so I thought I would add him in.
Clark, please do continue to share the adventures of your voyages with us.

Ken Schenk

Comment by Jack S
2014-08-06 15:26:40

Hi!! I could not find another way to contact you so I figure this might work.
Im dying to hear the end of the story about your voyage up the sacramento river. Did you make it to Colusa? Any groundings? Are you glad you did it? Is it important to go in a high rain year? I found it facinating to learn how far north sailboats actually can navigate. Wish that article had just a few more paragraphs! I just finished a voyage from SF to Walnut Grove. Love the Georgiana Slough!

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